Madden 2002

So this blog is mainly born from a desire to play old sports video games and “reimagine” what could have been for sports using simulation/roster moves/trades etc.

Madden 2002 is where we’ll begin our journey as the Buffalo Bills. Given that it is Madden 2002 this game would coincide with the 2001 NFL season and a lot was happening. We’ll update that as we go on from week to week. We’ll mark roster moves and end of season stats as well as scores and screen shots from old Madden rosters.

Buffalo Bills 2001 Season

During the off-season between the 2000 and 2001 season head coach, Wade Phillips was replaced by Tennessee Titans Defensive Coordinator, Gregg Williams.

Gregg Williams (CBS Pittsburgh)

This would be Buffalo’s first season after the Quarterback controversy between Doug Flutie and Rob Johnson. For those not as familiar with the situation basically Williams was heading into a team that just a season ago had a completely divided locker room. Half of the team followed Doug Flutie and the other half back young Quarterback Rob Johnson. After Flutie’s departure many Bills players followed suit.

Shit was not good to say the least and nothing was going to be improving in Western New York anytime soon. Leading into the 2001 season the Bills had committed to Rob Johnson as their starting Quarterback. Despite a strong draft (picking up Nate Clements, Aaron Schobel and Travis Henry) the bills with a first year head coach, a shaky starting quarterback and a depleted locker room wouldn’t find their first win until Week 6 (After the Bye)

The point of this blog is to see with some personnel and strategy changes if we can change the course the fortunes of these early 2000’s misfits. Non-consequential of course but a fun nostalgic trip nonetheless.

So with all that said, on to Week One- the last Bills game to be played before life as we knew it as Americans would change forever. Week One at Ralph Wilson Stadium would be played against the New Orleans Saints on September 9th 2001.

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